English is the universally accepted language for all. In this era, it is compulsory that all must learn English. In our school, we give special emphasis to English at all times and our students and staff always communicate in English.
All the skills are developed through English teaching. Reading skill, listening skill, writing skill and communicating skill of students are developed through English teaching. Teachers are getting aware about their skills through various activities and its evaluation.
All the English teachers focus on English enhancement of students through well-planned lesson plans the activities of English lab as well as literary club.

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Science has invaded every branch of modern life. Every bit of life has something or the other to do with the application of science. Inorder to make science exciting and fun for our students various activities conducted in the class headed by efficient teachers. These activities helped the children to find out answers for their questions by themselves and bring out the best in them. Science activities always encourage the children to conquer their natural curiosity about the world.


Social Science is one of the major categories of academic disciplines, concerned with society relationships among individuals within a society. Social science basically gives knowledge about the world, nation and society around us through the help of other disciplines. Economics, Political Science, History, Law and Geography can be considered as social sciences. Learning social science helps students to understand human interactions that occurred in the past, are occurring now, and that are likely to occur in the future. This may help students to develop and nurture values that will make it more likely that they will be able to determine what the right thing is and do it.


Maths plays a vital role in the world we live. Mathematics expresses itself everywhere in almost all facets of life- in nature all around and technologies used. The art of reasoning, logical thinking and solving problems are all focussed in a maths class. The students are enhanced with numerical skills ,dodge tables ,mental calculations ,logical reasoning  etc.In Carmel Academy we follow the method of spiral teaching where each class is a continuation of the previous year in an advance manner. The students by grade three are taught the multiplication tables till 10.


Developments in science and technology are affecting our lives more than ever. Computers have played a lead role in this, and they too have evolved at a fast pace. Today, they are used in almost every sphere of life. They have been paving the way for an exciting, challenging, adventurous, technological world. Therefore it is important for children to acquire computer literacy at an early age and gradually to improve their proficiency.