Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

“Vidyaya Samudayam”, which means the “Integral growth through knowledge.”

God as Sat-Chit- Ananda is the fondation and fullness of all that is real, true and beautiful.


Carmel Academy, set in an eco-friendly ambience, equips the pupils to face the realities of life, moulding them to be socially responsible citizens. The potentials of the wards are identified and nurtured, which help them to widen their horizons. Spiritual and moral values are inculcated in them and the qualities of integrity, kindness, charity and good manners are encouraged. Not only academic excellence is enhanced but also all the  efforts and initiatives on the part of the students are appreciated.


  • Faith in God      – Spiritual consciousness and deep rooted belief in God.
  • Moral Integrity – Upholding the sense of right and wrong.
  • Academic Pursuit – Excelling in the development of knowledge, skill and wisdom.
  • Physical Fitness – Making the students healthy and mentally alert.
  • Integrated growth, leading to the holistic grooming.
  • Social Orientation – Creating humane and philanthropic awareness.